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Pacific Fairytales is a registered and nationally trademarked character company that specializes in luxury entertainment and event design. Established as a leading brand since 2012, we exclusively book actors, designers, and stylists who are established professionals in the entertainment industry. From private parties to large-scale corporate events (including the Vancouver Club, Van Dusen Gardens, The Hilton Hotels, The Fairmont Hotels, and more), Pacific Fairytales participates in over 500 events annually.

Kirsty Provan is the owner and founder of Pacific Fairytales. She has worked in the entertainment industry for 16 years, and the events industry for 9. Kirsty is a former Pacific Theatre apprentice and a graduate of Studio 58’s Conservatory Acting Program. In 2021, exactly 9 years after starting the company (and at least 5 years of client requests), Kirsty launched her full scale vision in the form of Design by Pacific Fairytales, where clients can book all of their event needs in one place. She is thrilled to transition into her new role as Head Designer/Planner, and looks forward to building dream worlds for you to play in!



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